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Football is the most common sport in Zimbabwe. You may know it as soccer. It draws people from all over and it's fast become an incredible outreach for one of our local churches in Epworth, Zimbabwe. Epworth is a high-density suburb near the capital city of Harare. Over 150,000 people live in this area. This will be our 4th year holding a Soccer For Souls outreach. In the past 3 years, 3,822 people have given their lives to Christ!

The matches are played over a period of 7 weeks and the 8th week is set aside for the Celebration Church Men's Conference. 8 weeks of ministry on Saturdays and Sunday. At the Men's Conference, we invite guest speakers to speak on men's issues and also from the Zimbabwe Football Association. Last year we had the CEO of the National Football Association to address us.
We also give prizes on the event for The Men of the Matches played and footballs to all participating teams. Your partnership will help us purchase equipment like soccer balls, uniforms, shin guards, training bibs, first aid kits, awards, as well as some marketing materials.
We resolved from the beginning that we would not just preach the Gospel but impact these men's lives in Epworth. Thus far, we have also placed 9 of the young players under 12 in the Best Soccer Academy in the Country. 

Suggested Donations

$5 provides a new bible for one of the participating players. $5 Donate
$10 provides a uniform kit for one of the winning players. $10 Donate
$30 provides a brand new soccer ball for a participating team. Total of 44 balls needed. $30 Donate
$100 provides a winning trophy! (2 of these needed for various age groups) $100 Donate
$200 provides all of the food costs for the final event. $200 Donate

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