Ivordale Orphanage

There are an estimated 1 million orphaned children in Zimbabwe. These kids are marginalized, abandoned, and have no hope.

Our Celebrated Children’s Home in Ivordale has taken in 23 of these children. We care for them as our own family—giving them quality education, access to our church family, violin lessons, and an environment of love and acceptance.

Most importantly, these children are treated as “celebrated children” and not parentless street kids. This in combination with a relationship with Jesus Christ is transformative!

Join us and be a catalyst in changing a child's entire life!

Your monthly support will provide for these children and help meet their physical needs.

By giving to our Celebrated Children, you’re joining alongside us as we transform a hopeless situation with the love of Jesus. These kids are part of our family and you can be too.

With your support, we will be covering our monthly operating costs of the home—groceries, utilities, clothing, toiletries, and violin lessons.

Thank you for your support.

[Please note: due to Child Welfare Laws in Zimbabwe, we cannot show you the names and faces of the 23 children in our orphanage. We want to honor these laws to avoid exploiting our children. However, please keep in mind, these children are darling, beautiful, and so cute. I guess you'll just have to come visit in person to verify the adorability!]

Suggested Donations

$5 monthly donation provides basic toiletries for one of our children. $5 Donate
$10 monthly donation provides clean water access for one of our children. $10 Donate
$25 a month provides great homemade meals for one of our kids! $25 Donate
$50 of monthly support provides each child with classical music training and violin lessons. $50 Donate
$100 of monthly support provides groceries for the month for one of our kids. $100 Donate
$250 a month provides transport for our kids to get to church & school each week. $250 Donate
$500 of monthly support enables us to pay 2 house parents their salary and food stipends. $500 Donate
$1,000 of monthly support covers the transport costs for our kids to get to music lessons. $1,000 Donate

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